Making light from spoons


There appears to be more to spoons than eating deserts and stirring coffee. For example, earlier this year a huge gorilla statue was unveiled made from over 40,000 spoons.

The 3.5m tall gorilla was the creation of sculptor Ben Godfrey and took almost five months to build. So many spoons were needed that many were donated from across the world!

This got us thinking about what other practical uses there must be for the humble spoon. We were surprised at what we found with some very clever ideas turning spoons in to useful everyday items including coat hooks, jewellery, wind chimes, plant markers, key racks and lampshades.

One of our favourites was this stunning lampshade made from 115 stainless steel dessert spoons. The shape takes its inspiration from pinecones to produce a futuristic-looking light fixture projecting ovular shaped silhouettes onto its surroundings.

spoon-lamp-tall spoon-lamp spoon-lamp-2 spoon-lamp-3